Custom Casting Services for Contractors

With aluminum and brass metal castings being our expertise, A&B’s metal foundry produces a wide variety of products even in small lot sizes. We understand the impact of branding to make a lasting impression. This is why we work to create products that allow differentiation for our clients.

We have heard from contractors that they wanted brand distinction. We responded and now have hundreds of clients with their logo permanently cast on their brass pool skimmer lid installed with new and remodel pools.  We also help home builders build their brand as well as custom furniture designers and artisans creating those one-of-a-kind home and commercial accents. The pattern set-up fee and design at our metal casting foundry is a one-time charge. Please contact us for more information.

A&B metal foundry’s inventory of patterns is in excess of 100’s of different styles and sizes (without logo) also for grates, drains, spouts and plaques. We offer an exclusive discount to all contractors, metal distributors, and resellers who order from us on a routine basis.

We also deliver:

  • Concierge service to manage orders
  • Job shop capability to manufacture a wide variety of products with small lot
    sizes in order to reduce the inventory spend of the contractor
  • Priority order processing