Custom Metal Concrete Stamps

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A&B’s aluminum commercial grade custom concrete stamps make their mark for record drawings AKA “as-built”.

As-Built/Record Drawing dates are typically specified by town and city municipalities, as well as state and federal projects. Once poured, concrete hardens with time. The mixture of sand, cement, stone, and water solidifies. Before the concrete hardens, metal concrete stamps mark the As-Built dates for many bridges, tunnels, freeway interchanges, walkways, multi-story structures, concrete decks, and concrete curbs. General Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Real Estate Developers, Landscape Architects, and other businesses source A&B’s custom concrete stamps.

Our customers find this process helpful when ordering a concrete stamp:

  • Step 1.   Identify date format needed. (Month/Year or Month/Day/Year)
  • Step 2.  Review your needs. (How many subs require a concrete stamp.)
  • Step 3.  Identify any text to imprint with the stamp. (Optional)
  • Step 4.  Want a concrete stamp with a logo? Email 

Concrete Stamp (MM/DD/YYYY) - Rectangle - 2″ Stamp, 2″ Numbers Concrete Stamp (MM/DD/YYYY) - Rectangle - 2″ Stamp, 2″ Numbers

Stamp includes 1 backplate, 1 frame, and 40 inserts. Inserts include 12 months, 31 days, multiple years.

Individual Inserts (MM/DD/YYYY) - 2” Insert, 2″ Numbers Individual Inserts (MM/DD/YYYY) - 2” Insert, 2″ Numbers

2″ stamp insert, 2″ date height. Inserts shown within Concrete Stamp. For use with Stamp Part # OT1011. Only available in Aluminum.